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Default Newcs


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v.1.20 -Release Candidate 13:

Fixed timeings again.. think it should be faster now.
Added binary for the Axis Etrax 100LX.
Added Kaffeine CS client id.
Modified sending PIN-code for Conax Cards, also now use <pincode> tag to specify your code.
Added putting EMM in queue (note. if priority == fifo, emm is processed as fifo too, else they processed only if there is no ecm in queue)
Will now keep ECM in queue even if card needs to reinit, maybe u still get answer within timout-period.
Fixed misc bugs in NDS code, especially regarding GA-EMM's that made newcs reinit card.
Fixed cosmetic bug, now showing 6 numbers in provider.
Added new frequency for phoenix - 1,53mhz.
Fixed cosmetics, dont flood log when card reinit.
Added extensions to newcamd code to send sid-list/emm-block mask to mgcamd.
Added <cardlevel> option for readers, to restrict access for clients with cardlevel.
Fixed misc bugs in the ECM/EMM-queue.
Added Entitlement adjustment on caid 092F.
Added possiblity to force newcs to bind only to one specific ip (only on linux versions).
Set loglevel to 0 if tcp-password is set.
Fixed default port on newcamd, if no port is set in device - it will now be 15000+readernumber (instead of 15050 for all readers).
Fixed Windows Vista should now be reconized.
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newcs v1.3
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Thumbs up newcs v1.3

newcs v1.3
v.1.3 -Stable Release
Okay, first of all we want to apologise for the looong wait.. we have been working ha*rd though, honest! :)
This is just a minor release though, was time for some bugfixes - and so you know that we're still alive!

Changes from previous release are too many to mention here (tbh. we have lost control over the changelog :p)
There have been alot of fixes, hopefully its bit more stable now then before..
Can also mention that we have added DGcrypt (wherever thats used..)
Also we have compiled support for the Kathrein box, even though it might not be quite useful (seems awfully buggy) :)

The big changes and features are planned for the next major release (v1.5 series)
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newcs 1.31
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Default newcs 1.31

Added support for Nagra "3" (Rom 142 cards).
Brand spanking new Web-console (look at httpd section in default config).
Completely rewritten tcp-console.
Added manual ecm/emm sending.
Fixed timeing on ATR (should be alot faster for slow cards!).
Increased timeout on SCI commands, should fix some Big Conax EMM's.
Default config for x86&/i686 is now /etc/newcs.xml.
Fixed uptime should be correct on win32 now!
Added "advanced" mode for tcp-console - to hide possibly scary manual ecm/emm sending.
Fixed so it increase reset-counter on manual reset.
Fixes for some Irdeto cards in SCI.
Fixes to Irdeto EMM-AU code.
Fixed should now send Issuer Ident for viacc*ess again.
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Originally Posted by dark View Post
Fix to reconize newest NDS cards.
Added more functions to the WEB-console.
Fixed stats functions on WEB-console.
First betatest of Chameleon P2P-network (look at pt.1).
First release of Feynman opensource client-server protocol (look at pt.2).
Updated ezxml to latest version, it IS more sensitive for errors in xml (use a xml validator if needed).
Removed WEB-console from win32 (win32 is a limited version, without feynman, chameleon and web-console).
The Axis Eltrax SDK is sadly broken, support for this Arch will hopefully be back in the next release.

download here
Download here: http://www.zshare.net/download/4506593cfc82b9/

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newcs 1.50 Gemini images enigma1
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Default newcs 1.50 Gemini images enigma1

newcs 1.50 Gemini images enigma1

extract the files before ftp and install via addons manual

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Fixed reset and reinit of cards. (should be alot better now)
Irshitto EMM and init fixes. ;)
Reverted Win32 Version back to Console window. (poll was 19% to keep window, 26% to get console back, rest didnt care :p)
Fixed NDS cards could sometimes give fake cw instead of returning "cant decode".
Now tries to read 64 entitlements from NDS cards.
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NewCS 1.65

Proper release of v.1.64

Fixed carddetect on shitty Phoenix interfaces.
viacc*ess and Se*ca fixes
'Killall' command fixed
Added the ability to add virtual cards to Chameleon2 that are not included in the built in list
N.B. must be added to chameleon2 section of xml like so

PW HD how to

use mgcamd, with following file setup for mgcamd (not newcs):

X: {{ 1833 } { 1702 }}

# ignore caids
X: { 17 02 }

This will make mgcamd ignore CAID 1702 from transport str*eam and in same time replace CAID 1833 to 1702. Ignore list is used in order to stop mgcamd sending two ECM packets to the same card, one for CAID 1702 and one for CAID 1833.

If all works o.k. you will get following in newcs log:
[ Irdeto ] Parsed Nagra tunneled Irdeto .
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File Type: zip newcs-1_65.zip (6.66 MB, 219 views)
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